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All Hell .

All hell broke lose on fire, strht down onto the spiked railings surrounding the house, which caused the reporter to throw up. The camera turned to see police pushing through the crowd and

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy FAQ/Walkthrough for

Metal chests, on the other hand, are totally impervious to Jak's attacks. They must be broken open with Yellow Eco, a cannon, or by the Flut-Flut bird. Hidden inside are valuable Precursor Orbs. Finally, red Scout Fly boxes contain -- surprise surprise -- Scout Flies. By themselves, Scout Flies are worthless, but if you collect all seven of them in one level, you'll earn a Power Cell

Obscure: The Aftermath FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

Arm Kenny with the stun gun and normal gun then move down the stacked items to get to the first floor from the side without railing and then walk over to the metal box covered in black mist. Switch back to Corey then hold down on the X button to shine a bright light on the black aura and make it disappear for a few seconds. Quickly switch back to Kenny then slide the metal box away from the

Far Cry 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by sokkus

Youll reach a sheet metal wall with the gate beyond it. Looking at your map, youll notice a number of enemies on the other side. Toss a few rocks over to the distance and when you see those red dots walking away, move around the wall and sprint out the gate to the vehicle parked on the side of the road ahead. Follow the road you are on, ignoring the enemies in the way and shooting at you

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