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Neverwinter Nights Diamond FAQ for PC by RMurtha

----- >>> MAP PANEL <<< The Map panel displays a top-down map of your current area. The map expands as you explore, allowing you to see new areas and track where you have been. The small icons on the map are map pins. Each map pin has a label associated with the pin, which appears at the top of the map window. You can place your own map pins by clicking in the pin box on the top-left and then

Canadian woman cries as she is sentenced in $16M "cocaine

Three Canadians have pleaded guilty to smuggling 95 kilograms of the drug in suitcases aboard the MS Sea Princess during a seven-week cruise in 2016 from Britain to Ireland, the United States

Neverwinter Nights Gold FAQ for PC by RMurtha

----- >>> CONVERSATION PANEL <<< The Conversation panel is your primary tool for interacting with other characters in Neverwinter Nights. A portrait of the character you are speaking with is displayed in the top-left of the window, and this character's dialogue is displayed to the right of the portrait. Underneath the portrait are your character's response options. The first response shown has

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by

After defeating Plantella, the troupe will thank you, and you'll automatically be taken back to the caravan area. Speak with Giban and Jean, and Jean will now join your party on a more permanent basis. Before leaving, speak with the woman near the exit and she will give you Jean's Bromide 2. Now head north to the town of Takkar. In Takkar, you'll find that the north gate has been closed by

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