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which is safer wood or plastic cutting boards

Cutting board: Wood, Plastic, or Glass Which is Safer

Wood was the first material thought to be the safest for food cutting surfaces but with the creation of glass and plastic cutting boards it has became a little more difficult to figure out which cutting board surface is the safest to use.

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Getting on board. After each use, scrub your cutting board in hot, soapy water, then rinse and allow it to air dry or pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Do not store until it is completely dry. Plastic boards and solid wooden boards are dishwasher-safe, butlaminated boards made from more than one piece of wood can crack and split.

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The researchers tested boards made from seven different species of trees and four types of plastic and found similar results: wood was safer than plastic, regardless of the materials used.

Wood or Plastic? Myths about Healthy Chopping Boards

For decades plastic cutting boards have been touted as being safer to use because plastic is non-porous. But the truth is, you're safer with that old wooden board your grandmother used. If you've been to a kitchen store in the last couple of years, you may have noticed that they are starting to carry many types of wooden cutting boards.

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Seven Trust Cutting Boards Are Safer Than Plastic Common sense isn't always the truth It's just common sense that plastic cutting boards are safer than wood since wood is porous and plastic isn't. It would seem that disease causing bacteria would soak into the wood and the bacteria would wash

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Nonporous surfaces like plastic or glass are easier to clean than wood and thus better in terms of food safety. Wood is naturally porous, and those tiny fissures and grooves in wooden cutting boards can harbor bacteria.Which is why cutting boards made of wood aren't allowed in commercial kitchens.

Wood Cutting Board vs. Plastic Cutting Boards: What to use

Wood cutting boards boards made from a outdoor, not bamboo can be sanded and then refinished with food-safe mineral oil. This eliminates the need to completely replace a wood cutting board. Wood has a warmth that plastic doesnt. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with germs, but the feel of wood is wonderful.

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Plastic cutting boards. Being the more modern version of cutting boards, a prevailing thought is that plastic cutting boards are safer than wooden cutting boards. However, this isnt always true. New plastic boards often still have a smooth surface, which is not a problem when it comes to cleaning it after chopping.

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Cutting board safety has been a topic of debate for some time. The main question has been which material is best wood, plastic or, more recently, bamboo. Safety concerns focus on whether or not a board can be effectively cleaned after use so that few bacteria remain to contaminate whatever food

Wood Or Plastic Cutting Boards: Which Is Better

Contrary to popular belief, plastic cutting boards are not automatically safer than wood. Studies have shown that wood can actually be more sanitary in the long run. People assume that because

Which is Better: Wood or Plastic Cutting Boards? The

Wood or Plastic Cutting Boards? Although there is the perception that plastic cutting boards are safer and easier to clean, research has shown that is not necessarily the case. Multiple cutting board studies were conducted by Dean Cliver and his research team at UC Davis. They found that when both types of cutting boards were inoculated with

Wood Vs. Plastic Cutting Boards: Which is Better?

Originally published in the Feb. 6, 1993 edition of Science News, the article describes research claiming that wooden cutting boards possess some sort of bacteria-killing properties, thus making them less likely to contaminate food than plastic or acrylic cutting boards. "Pathogens prefer plastic," the article declares.

Wood Or Plastic Cutting Boards: Which Is Better

Contrary to popular belief, plastic cutting boards are not automatically safer than wood. Studies have shown that wood can actually be more sanitary in the long run. People assume that because wood is a porous surface and plastic isn't, plastic boards are more resistant to bacteria.

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Best Cutting Boards: Is Plastic Really Better than Wood?

So it seems that the prevailing wisdom that plastic is safer than wood is not true after all. Wood cutting boards are best after all. I was happy to discover this information as I have always intuitively preferred wood over plastic cutting boards. I find wood to be more stable than plastic and I have always thought that little bits of

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And many boards are actually made from waste wood i.e., leftovers at the mill that would have been otherwise thrown away . Whats more, a heavy softwood board is kind to knives, and will keep them sharper longer. And finally, a good maple or beech cutting board is somewhat self-healing, and wont scar as easily as a plastic board.

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Always dry cutting boards thoroughly before storing them. This robs bacteria of needed moisture for growth. Over time, any cutting board plastic or wood can trap bacteria in fissures and

Wood Vs Plastic Cutting Boards - Which is Safer?

However, a report "Plastic and Wood Cutting Boards" was published by Dr. Dean O. Cliver, Professor Emeritus at the University of California Davis Food Safety Laboratory after researching the safety of wood vs plastic cutting boards. Below is one of the findings from that report:

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You may think it doesn't matter what you reach for when prepping ingredients to cook, but if you've ever stopped to ask yourself "should I use a wood or plastic cutting board?" heed our advice. Your choice does indeed matter. First, what are you cutting? There's no definitive rules that dictate that meat goes on plastic, vegetables go on wood, serrated knives go on plastic, butcher's cleavers

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Back when I worked catering, we were required by the health department to use plastic cutting boards because they were more sanitary. Like so many well-intentioned government agencies, they were wrong. This post explains why wooden cutting boards are better than plastic or glass and why I only use wood cutting boards in my kitchen.

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