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how to caulk teak boat decks

Teak Deck Maintenance - how to clean teak on a boat

Correct teak deck maintenance is an important aspect of any yacht care program and looked after correctly a teak deck will last for many many years. How to clean teak wood on a boat; Teak wood itself is made up of hard and soft wood elements and whilst teak is very resilient it is very easy to drag out the soft wood elements leaving ridges of

how to repair or replace teak wood decking on a boat

replacement wood boat deck - wpc floor manufacturer. How To Repair or Replace Teak Wood Decking On A Boat - SevenTrust. 22 Feb 2012 . In this video I will replace the teak wood decking on the sailboat "Camelot".

How to Repair a Soft Boat Deck eHow

How to Repair a Soft Boat Deck. When you notice a small soft spot in the deck of your boat, it's often easy to ignore it, thinking the problem is one of limited scope. The problem, though, is that soft spots indicate an underlying problem that, if ignored, will spread. Repairing a soft spot in a fiberglass deck is both a monstrous dance with

New Teak Deck Caulking: Tape or No Tape? Boat Design Net

Just laying my teak over marine ply deck on a 73' wooden schooner, new build. The teak is 3/8" x 3" strips, laid over Sika 290-DC bedding compound. We're doing the rough sanding now to even out any irregularities and will begin caulking the 1/4" wide gaps.

How To Re-seam Your Teak Deck - Teak Marine USA

Depending upon the size of your re-seam project you can simply caulk the seams or tape the surface of the teak deck, either side of the seams in order to reduce the amount of clean up or sanding that will be required. When caulking the seams, make sure you use a quality Marine Caulk such a Teak Marine USA, Inc.s UV Resistant Teak Deck Caulk


This video is about re-caulking, sanding and refinishing teak decks Call: 786-853-1542 Miami * Fort Lauderdale www.sysyachtservices.com email: cm sysyachtservice.com.

The Care and Feeding of Teak Decks - boats.com

Surveying Teak Decks Signs of a deck thats in need of attention include loose caulking, movement of wooden plugs over screw heads, and splits or cracks in the timber. The more extensive these problems, the closer the decks are to the end of their useful life.

Epoxy caulking teak decks - The WoodenBoat Forum

When caulking teak decking/seating with epoxy resin it is customary to turn the epoxy black with graphite powder. If you read the label, graphite is not something you want to inhale too much of. I have experimented with common black chalkline chalk and the results look good. Does anyone have true life / over time experience using chalk as an epoxy additive ?

How to sand a teak deck

Remove the tape before the caulking has cured and you have a new teak deck installed on your boat. More detailed instructions will be provided with the teak decking kit , this is a basic over view to show how easy it is to install a small teak deck like a sailboat cockpit or swim platform.

Laying Teak Decking - On Board with Mark Corke

Opinion seems to be divided on whether teak decks on a boat are good or bad. Personally I love them providing they are properly laid and maintained. Ill be discussing looking after teak in a later posting but for today I wanted to go through the steps for a correctly laid teak deck, whats involved and how to go about it.

Using caulk on decks? - Professional Deck Builder Forums

He insists it's OK to use caulk to fill gaps we're using solid stain on the deck, and it does cover caulk. . He also wants to caulk the small gaps where the posts go down through the deck boards. I say using caulk is the sign of poor workmanship, and, frankly, I've never seen caulk on a deck. He says pros do it all the time. Help

Boatlife Caulking Teak Deck Seams - Jamestown Distributors

Caulking Teak Deck Seams. You have all seen gorgeous teak decks with perfect black seams. Those seams all have one thing in common. They were caulked with a highquality marine grade sealant. The most widely accepted brands of deck sealants are BoatLIFE Life-Calk, and Teak Deck Sealant. Life-Calk comes in two types.

How to Select Sealants and Caulk West Marine

West Marine Multi-Caulk is an excellent choice for wood, metal, or fiberglass but will attack some plastics. However, 3M 4000UV is rated as being safe for all plastics. Life Calk Deck Seam Sealant is a two-part polysulfide for teak deck seams.

Trimming Teak Deck Caulking - YBW

The teak decks on my Beneteau are around 13 years old. They are the "glued down" type with a sort-of rubber caulking between the strips. Over the years, the teak has worn down a couple of mm, and left the caulking standing slightly proud of the wood. I'm worried that moving around the deck will cause some of the caulking seams to get pulled out.

How to maintain and caulk teak decks on boats. - Yandina

Re-caulking of structural teak decks is a continuous process which commences about 10 minutes after the deck was first laid and continues until the boat is abandoned. Teak should never be laid over steel plate decks. Inevitably the teak seams will leak and the trapped water will rust the steel causing it to swell and lift the teak off.

Boat Projects: Teak Deck Re-Caulking

The caulking on the cabin top deck has significantly deteriorated. The deck was installed just prior to when we purchased the boat but from a very early point we noticed that the Sikaflex caulking was drying, cracking and coming away from the edges. It had reached a point where it was literally falling out of the channels in the teak.

Recaulking Teak Decks - Yohelah

Deck Overhaul Re-caulking the decks Our teak decks needed re caulking and a little TLC. We waited until the rig was down and removed all deck fitting before stripping the decks completely. All deck fittings, tracks, and the bowsprit were removed. The goal was to re-caulk the decks and re-seal everything that attached to them.

Traditional Maritime Skills Caulking Decks and Hulls

Caulking Decks and Hulls Introduction. Caulking is defined by driving oakum, cotton or general rope fibres in the seams of a ship's wooden deck or side / hull to make it watertight. It also plays a structural role in tightening up the hull / deck of a ship and reduces the longitudinal movement of neighbouring planks.

The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner

There are other considerations before you decide on a teak deck. They weigh more: the caulking is surprisingly heavy, not to mention the wood and the thousands of screws. Perhaps what worries me most about laid decks on glassfibre boats is that you have to make thousands of holes in an otherwise perfectly waterproof surface to hold the deck down.

Bonding and caulking of teak decks - Marine And Industrial

teak decks Bostik Industry Aictio m Mi 7 CLEANING TEAK DECKS DURING SERVICE LIFE Bostik recommends the following to clean and maintain your teak deck and Simson MSR Deck Caulk Advanced: To keep teak decks healthy, give them a weekly washdown and flush them regularly with clean salt water. Salt water is a natural bleaching agent in conjunction

Wooden Boat Decks - DIY Wood Boat

Wooden Boat Decks. The decks of wooden boats do much more than provide a platform for the crew. Deck Varnish Should I varnish the deck before I apply the caulk, or apply the caulk, sand, I have a boat with a teak deck on which so much material has worn away that the grooves are no longer deep enough to hold the caulking.

Teak Deck Laying Guide - Robbins

It is important to leave the deck for at least one week before caulking the deck. This is to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the sealant. Direct bonding of the teak parts onto the deck with Sabatack 750 XL or Sa-badeck. Teak parts bonded on a levelling layer of plywood. Both bonded with Sabatack 750 XL or Sabadeck.

Replacing Black Caulk in Teak: Step by Step PhotosCommuter

Being teak novices when we bought the boat, we swore we werent going to do anything to the teak decks until they started leaking maybe not a wise strategy, but so far its worked. But after six years in the deep tropics/Western Caribbean, the teak caulk is severely deteriorating.

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