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should fence posts be inside or outside

am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence

Am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence to my neighbour, he say's i am. say.We have done a lot of fencing over the years and have never had any action against us as the person paying for the fence has the choice.Dont be pressured into what is only a goodwill gesture Post a job, read reviews and hire today.

To ask our neighbours to put their fence posts on their

The original fence had posts in between the panels, so the new fence is of a much better quality. But to my surprise the fence posts are on my side, meaning that they have a lovely flush fence and we have the posts. I was always under the impression that the fence posts were put on the side of ownership, as they need to be on your land.

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Heartwood, which is an older wood taken from the inside of a tree, will typically have fewer knots and won't decay as quickly as sapwood, which is a younger wood taken from the outside of a tree. The wood materials that make up a fence include pickets, rails, and posts. Pickets are the vertical boards that make up the finished surface of a

Fence Etiquette: Who Gets the Good Side?

Where a fence encloses a paddock for horses, or a pasture for livestock, for safety, the posts should always be on the outside of the enclosure and the smooth boards to the inside. The boards will not pop if an animal pushes on it.

Should I put the rail on the inside or outside of the

Should I put the rail on the inside or outside of the fence post? Placing the rail on the inside of the post is recommended and will always be stronger, as the rail is between the animal and the post. Aesthetically, rails on the outside of the post may look better. In high-traffic areas, or for horses who like to lean and push on fencing

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The side with the rails and posts will be visible inside your yard, and the smooth side will face your neighbors, the street or the alley. There are several reasons for this: If your fence faces a street, it will look much better with the smooth side out. Putting the rails on the outside of the fence would make it easy for people to climb up

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Putting the good side in is like an unfinished garage with the siding on the inside and nothing but bare studs on the outside Fences with the good side in look terrible in a neighborhood and bring down the look of the house. It also makes it easier for people to climb over the fence.

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What side of the fence are you on? For example, when building fence, which side of the post do you attach the wire? If you have a bit of experience building fence, you know the proper answer to this question is the wire always goes on the inside of the fence so the livestock pressure has to push against both the post and wire if they want

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Fence posts should be on the outside of the fence A dog digging at the base, a horse leaning his head over the top, or cattle pushing against the enclosure will test your fences strength. The correct installation of ag fencing is to place it on the inside of the posts.

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A fence is only as strong as its posts, and if you've dug holes for those posts, they are only as strong as the material you use as backfill. Many fence builders use concrete for each post they

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The fence should be on the outside of all the posts. Pull the fence taut with the come-along. Attach it to the each of the t-posts using the clips that are built into each post, starting at the top.

When Building a Fence, Do Posts Go on My Side or the

Being a good neighbor requires some fence etiquette before you begin your new project. This etiquette involves placing the fence on your property, including the posts, which should face your home. It also entails speaking with your neighbors and sharing your plans before construction begins.

Fence Posts Should Be Set in Crushed Gravel

"If you're setting fence posts, you may want to consider using concrete at corner posts and on each side of a gate. Those are the only places I'd ever use it." Fence Post Checklist Posts must resist wind pressure Set posts in crushed gravel instead of concrete Gravel easier to remove than concrete

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Should I use woven wire mesh on the inside or outside of a split rail fence? That way you'll have plenty of flat surfaces on the horizontal fence boards and posts to attach the wire mesh. If the boards are nailed to the insides of the posts, the mesh can be installed in long runs which makes keeping it taunt and free of buckles much easier

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Fencing-posts inside-or out? Discussion in ' If you are using a fence with wood posts ,barb wire and staples,the wire should be on the inside of the fence. Otherwise the cows will push against it and knock the staples out. For our high tensile electric perimeter wires we fence outside on the corners and inside on the line posts where

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Do you all put your fence on the inside of the posts or the outside. Also with woven wire on long runs has anyone spliced sections or do you make the connections with H type post setup. Wire is run on the inside for livestock, some like to put wires on the outside for horses especially high tensile fence , the idea being that if the horse

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Many customers are concerned about 'Which side of the fence do the posts go on?' or 'What side of my fence should face the neighbor?', and understandably so. The 'quick' answer is that the finished, or good side of the fence faces the outside of your property, visible to neighbors and the outside world.

Fence, which side of the posts does the wire go on?

When you're putting up a fence, how do you decide which side of the posts the wire goes on? I've only ever put up barbed/barbless wire fences and on those it always goes on the inside so when the animals push against it they are pushing against the whole fence and won't just pop the fasteners off the posts and push though the fence.

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Makes a lot of sense if the post were used for a fence, but what if the post was expected to experience frequent downward, and sideways pressures. I plan to make a dog line 2 10ft 4x4s sunk 3ft in

Should I mount the rail on the inside or outside of the

The 5 Rail Fence Systems may be placed either along the inside or outside of the fence post perimeter. For safer animal containment, Centaur recommends placement along the animal side of the perimeter. Inside Placement: Denies animal access to the fence posts. Provides optimal safety performance. Is the strongest method of installation.

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When installing vinyl fence generally a bed of 3-6 inches of gravel is placed in the hole and the post concreted in at the proper depth for the frost line. Typically 1/4 to 1/3 of the post should be underground. The corner, end and gate posts should be filled with concrete inside the post.

When you put up a privacy fence, does the pretty side go

When you put up a privacy fence, does the pretty side go in or out? Answers. Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: The smooth pretty side should be outside. There are several reasons for that. rail fence Between the YARDS and putting up an electric fence on one side of my backyard and dog pen ,I want a privicy fence just

Which side of a "privacy" fence should the posts be on? I

I have built and repaired fences. I much prefer the look of a fence from outside the property if the posts are inside the yard. That way, to me, looks a lot neater and tidier. All you see are the boards and not the posts and 2 x 4 rails etc.

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