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how to deck over a concrete slab

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio Deck Ideas

How To Build A Deck Over A Concrete Patio - The ultimate solution for a hopeless slab. Here and an easy way to lay deck flooring on your cement slab patio in just one day. It dresses up an otherwise drab patio, and it and so nice for bare feet See a boring cement slab become a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area, with new patio furniture, string

Slab-to-Fab Patio Makeover

Limited by the slope of the yard, the original concrete slab provided space for a table but not much else. The concrete was still in good enough shape to keep, so retaining walls were added to expand the amount of flat ground around it. Pavers could then be laid in a circle around the slab to create more space for relaxing and entertaining.

How do you build a deck over concrete slab

Pouring a concrete slab is the pouring of a fresh unset concrete mix into a prepared area, where it is finished by floating etc to give the required surface, and it sets to form a slab. share with

How to Build a Porch Over Concrete

How to Build a Porch Over Concrete Cheryl form Missouri writes: I have a porch that consists of 2 slabs, each about 8 foot by 12 foot, with one being approximately 7-8 inches higher. I would like a wooden porch, the same size but one level.

How to Lay Deck Flooring on a Concrete Patio

When Courtney Clymer of Lifestyled Atlanta created her gorgeous outdoor entertaining area, perhaps her most ingenious idea was laying deck flooring over the cement slab patio. It dresses up the space beautifully, and its a lot more pleasant for bare feet than concrete.

Concrete over deck?

Re: Concrete over deck? David, funny you should mention slate. That's my customer's second choice. No, the porch is not closed in. Just a roof over it, supported by 2 posts at the corners and the house. Completely open. Water is not an issue, I would put PT ply anyway. I'm concerned with how thin of a slab I can pour without risking cracking.

Laying a wood deck on a wavy slab

Q: How can I install wood decking over a very uneven concrete slab? Bruce Donnell, Carencro, LA. A: Former assistant editor Rich Ziegner replies: I encountered the same problem when I replaced a concrete back porch with a spling pressure-treated deck. I didnt want to bust up the porch and haul the concrete away, so I built a portion of the deck on top of the porch.

Very low deck over concrete

Firstly there is currently concrete laid where I want the deck to go with about a 70mm clearance to the top of the step into the house at the lowest point. The question is whether this is enough clearance to lay a deck in the first place? I would assume that it is if I was to use the concrete slab but there lies my second problem.

Decking Sub Floor Over Concrete and Paving

How to build a decking sub floor over a concrete slab www.nonaildecking.com. Skip navigation Decking Sub Floor Over Concrete and Paving No Nail Decking How to Build an 8 x10 Deck for

Build a deck on a concrete slab

How to build a deck over a concrete slab. Step 4 - FIXING BASE PLATE. Fix base plate to concrete using 12mm DynaBolts or 10mm masonry bolts.

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