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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Oyster Locations FAQ for

Go to the left East side of the bridge and jump over the railing onto a wooden scaffolding. Go left north to the end of the scaffolding and dive into the water. The 32nd Oyster is under the water near the pillar of the bridge in front of you. After getting that Oyster look to the right East and you will see a ship. You will find the 33rd Oyster under the water below that ship. After

Top Split Rail Pressure Treated Wood Fence End

Patriot Dock Patriot Truss Frame End Rail Sportsman s Guide Patriot 4 x 8 Truss Accessories Truss Frame End Rail an essential finishing component for a patio section or any other side extension For support for the Patriot 4 x 8 Truss Frame you

Grand Theft Auto III Item/Weapon Locations Guide for

* Trenton, in the fenced off area across from Joey's garage; trespass first fence and go around to the right of the building. * Portland Harbor, in the corner of the dock where the black cruise ship on the other side of the harbor is docked. * South from the Callahan Bridge, use the Unique stunt ramp to launch to the rusted brown roof, not over it; drop to the private property area Liberty

Pokemon Crystal Version Itemfinder FAQ for Game Boy Color

A Specialized FAQ for Pokemon Crystal Itemfinder FAQ This is version E, created by Liquefy on July 3, 2008. Version A was created on June 27, 2008.

Saints Row CD Location Guide for Xbox 360 by Arschrammen

The CD is located on the west side of the east-most dock. It's at the end of a small wooden jetty/pier. 59 Right next door to Friendly Fire in Poseidon Alley west there is a little river/lake type thing with an island on it - you'll see it if you leave Friendly Fire by the back door. The CD is on the island, so you'll have to go for a little swim. ----- DOCKS and WAREHOUSES DISTRICT

BioHazard: Value Pack Treasure Guide for PlayStation 4 by

For BioHazard: Value Pack on the PlayStation 4, Treasure Guide by Solid Lancelot.

Okami Animal Feeding Guide for PlayStation 2 by MrYucko

Sparrow 14 What They Eat - Seed Bag Kamiki Village 4 - Path to Sun Deck/Rafters - Area under Sun Deck/Rafters, near Komuso - Turnip Field corner - Behind Susanos House, right-side Shinshu Field 1 - Outside of Tamas House near the dock Agata Forest 2 - Path to bridge leading to Taka Pass entrance - Path to Tsuta Ruins, left-side Taka Pass 1 - Outside Sasa Sanctuary entrance Kusa

Alan Wake FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by AboutLastNight5

Destroy the "Climb" word on the left after everyone is dead, climb up, and move right down the dock and pick up the Alarm Clock 8/10 at the end. Go back and restock at all the words. Move around the crate piles and destroy the chainsaw and normal Taken just before the right turn to the Safe Haven. Destroy them, pick up the Alarm Clock 9/10 by the fence behind the table and chairs, and


Fences looks nicer and organizes things better. But if SideSlide would let you turn a folder into a container and park it on the side of the screen, it would be worth it.

Collectible Hunting *Spoilers*

Sitting next to a shiping crate on the NW side. 7. Dock in West Maracaibo. North side before the fence between the building, and a garbage can. Pirate Chests 1. Island NE of Pirate HQ. Where you find Meishas' Car. Just North of that close to the SAM to the side of the Cargo Containers. Schmatics 1. NW side of Margaritas' Northern Island. Next to the building there on the NW side of it. 2. Oil

All Hitman Location

The Pirate Ship Restaurant you need to go to is off a dock in the Marina District. Took me about 10 minutes to figure that one out dont laugh . Run around there and another easy kill. Took me about 10 minutes to figure that one out dont laugh .

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rampage FAQ for PC by

Kill 30 Gang Members in 2 Minutes with the Tec-9 Location - In Little Haiti, right around the area of the Print Shop, is a long wooden fence. There is also a billboard that says "Life is a Bitch". Behind that fence is a long yard behind those little houses. At the north end of the yard, behind a house, is the rampage icon. The Tec-9 is a really crappy submachine gun. It is inaccurate, and the

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