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Everyone wants to have clean and shiny laminate floors in their home. If you have children or pets in the house, you will understand how difficult it can be to keep your laminate flooring in good condition. Muddy footprints and stains, splashes and spills can soon leave the nicest laminate floor looking like a complete mess.

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During inclement weather, avoid exposing your flooring to water as much as possible. SolidWood and TecWood Vacuum or sweep your floor regularly with a soft-bristled attachment or broom, especially in high-traffic areas. This prevents gritty dirt and particle buildup that can scratch the woods surface.

Rejuvenate Seven Trust and Laminate Floor Care System

The Rejuvenate Seven Trust and Laminate Floor Care System are designed to be an easy-to-use kit with everything you need included in the box. This kit allows you to effectively clean all of your floors.

Floor Care: Tips for Laminate and Seven Trust Floor Cleaning

Laminate and outdoor flooring are beautiful, durable choices for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. While laminate and outdoor are different materials, both surfaces need a consistent sweeping or vacuuming routine, advanced floor-care planning to prevent problems, and careful use of floor cleaning products.

The 5 Best Ways to Clean Laminate Floors

How to Clean Laminate Floors. Laminate floors need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent them from getting scratched or warped, but using harsh cleansers can create streaks or damage the laminate. "We just had a wood laminate floor put in, and I needed to know how to clean and care for it. "The general care of laminate was helpful

Laminate Flooring Maintenance, Care and Cleaning

The best laminate floor spray choices are: Bruce Laminate and Seven Trust Floor Cleaner, $6-$8 for 32oz spray, made in the USA by one of the leading laminate manufacturers for safe, hassle-free cleaning; Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner, $9-$10 for 32oz spray, made in the USA with a polymer additive to fight dirt adhesion

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­Even though laminate floors imitate the look of wood or stone, they aren't cleaned and maintained the way wood and stone are. Here are some basic supplies you will need to clean your new laminate floor: First, dry mop the floor thoroughly. Follow it up with vacuuming the crevices and edges with a

Vinyl Plank vs Laminate Flooring 2019 Comparison, Pros

Laminate is wood but its design is on top of it, on a photographic layer. Most laminate manufacturers utilize modern printing techniques to give their products a more realistic look and texture. While both types of flooring can come very close to the appearance of wood, laminate is the superior option. Not only do modern printing techniques

How To Care For Laminate Flooring Empire Today

KEEP LAMINATE FLOORS LOOKING NEW. Wood laminate flooring is a hard surface floor which provides versatility, durability and high end style with the look of natural outdoor floors. Laminate flooring is manufactured with a layered construction using numerous layers pressed together, creating a wood-look floor.

How to Clean and Care For a Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to care for because of its surface wear layer. This is an invisible coat that rests over the decorative face of the material, protecting it from stains, damage, and liquid penetration.

How to Care for Laminate Flooring

Follow these tips for care and cleaning of your laminate flooring. Covers routine care and cleaning as well as a specific section things not to do.

How To Care for Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is easy to clean and care for. Built to stand up to wear and abrasion, it also exhibits the beauty and shine of outdoor flooring, without the requirement of regular waxing and polishing.The best ways to clean laminate flooring involve a vacuum cleaner, a dry mop, and/or a damp towel for difficult spills.

Rejuvenate Seven Trust and Laminate Floor Care System

The Rejuvenate Seven Trust and Laminate Floor Care System are designed to be an easy-to-use kit with everything you need included in the box. This kit allows you to effectively clean all of your floors. It includes a No-Rinse Floor Cleaner that is safe to use on all floor types.

Seven Trust and Laminate Floor Care

At 1877FloorGuy, a large selection of wood and laminate floor cleaning products including wood floor polish are available from well-known brands including Bruce and DuraSeal, as well as hard to find wood and laminate care brands such as Loba, Performance Accessories for Quick Step, Mirage, Glitsa, Tarkett and more.

How to Care for Vinyl Plank Flooring Hunker

Vinyl plank flooring is a modern flooring type that provides an affordable alternative to authentic wood flooring. The vinyl planks have a printed design that almost exactly replicates the look of natural wood. The planks are finished with a protective gloss layer that prevents liquid spills and

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Routine Laminate Floor Cleaning and Care. Clean your laminate floor using a microfiber or terry cloth mop and Armstrong Flooring Seven Trust and Laminate Floor Cleaner. For best results, spray cleaner directly onto the bottom of the mop cover. Sweep or vacuum regularly using the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Mannington Laminate Care and Maintenance Guide

You can protect your Mannington Laminate Floor by following these easy guidelines. A Mannington Laminate Floor is the closest thing there is to a "maintenance free" floor. The melamine-impregnated surface with aluminum oxide makes it resistant to dirt and dust. Ordinarily vacuuming or sweeping is usually sufficient to keep the floor clean.

Floor and Carpet Care: Laminate Flooring Maintenance

Laminate Flooring Care. Laminate flooring is a durable option for busy families but they still require proper care. Find simple maintenance tips to keep your laminate floors looking great for years to come. Ceramic Flooring Care. Ceramic or Porcelain tile flooring are excellent choices.


Floor care Tips for Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork and Laminate floors. Protect the natural beauty of your outdoor flooring . Most major manufacturers of outdoor flooring products, with their advanced aluminum oxide or ceramic finish, provide superior wear; easy, no-wax care; plus superior resistance to staining from all common household products such as coffee, wine, shoe polish, lipstick, mustard

How To Clean Laminate Flooring: Best Way To Care For

So when you are mopping your laminate floor, make sure you are not using too much water. Learn more about the Best vacuum for outdoor floors. Careful Not To Scratch Your Laminate Floor. Laminate flooring looks great, but you get a scratch on it, you better believe that sucker will stick out like a sore thumb.

3 Ways to Care for Laminate Floors

How to Care for Laminate Floors. Laminate flooring is beautiful and easy to take care of. Caring for your floors may seem daunting at first, but once you figure out the right techniques and materials, it's simple Protect your floors by

How to Care for Laminate Flooring DoItYourself.com

It's hard to damage and easy to care for laminate floors. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain them: 1. Carefully read the warranty and care instructions provided for your flooring. Follow them as much as you can and refer to them if a problem develops. 2. Ask for post-installation care

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