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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game FAQ

Proceed to the right across the balcony and around the corner. Drop down the opening. and proceed to the left. MINIGAME: Collect the pigs Pick up each of the five pigs and place them into the mud inside the pen. The green arrow will disappear when you've placed them in the right spot. When you're finished, the gate will close and a BOTTLE will appear just outside of it jump over the gate

Far Cry 4 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by DomZ Ninja

He may be on the monastery balcony or patrolling the open house. -= Eliminate Yuma's Lieutenant =- When you have pegged your target, focus on an attack plan. You can go the stealth route, go in guns blazing, or use the mortar on the left end of the monastery grounds. There is a mounted gun for your convenience or theirs on top of the right-hand building. There isn't an overwhelming

Commandos 2: Men of Courage FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Get Duke to snipe the patrolling guard just north of the starting point on the balcony of the building across the canal . Tiny should then cross the river and take out the stationary guard to the west of the building the one turning its back to the canal then hide the body. Now slowly head to temple where the spiritual leader is but beware of the officer at the bottom of the staircase

Battlefield 4 Collectible Guide for PlayStation 4 by

In the long room, follow the left balcony overlooking the room until you find a doorway in the wall. Look to the right off the door to find the dog tag sticking into the electrical box. Look to the right off the door to find the dog tag sticking into the electrical box.

Deus Ex Game Script for PC by FAQ GOD

-- Joseph Manderley, Director, UNATCO Terrorism -- Threat Profiling Symbolic attacks -- the Statue of Liberty bombing, the desecration of Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, the department-store shooting-sprees on Orchard Road in Singapore -- are the recourse of the weak. They serve only to call attention to a group or cause that is of no more than marginal interest to the public. But what

SARS Replay In Toronto

Singapore was culling stray cats as part of nationwide cleanup campn sparked by the SARS crisis, a spokesman said Saturday, a day after researchers in Hong Kong said they found the virus in

Call of Duty: Black Ops Collection FAQ/Walkthrough for

From the balcony here, shoot any drones in the area and you can kill some enemies in the open area below if you feel like it. When you are ready, work your way over to the opposite end of the balcony. Head through either the courtyard to the left or the door to the right and youll find yourself in a square room surrounded by pillars. Eliminate the infantry, security bot and hover drones

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox

----- Hanging From a Railing ----- When facing a railing on the edge of a platform, press the Triangle button. The character will then hop over the railing and hang it there. Use left/ right button on d-pad or L2/R2 button to move left/right along a railing.

Battlefield 4 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by Punisher X2

Once they have been taken care of, drop down then head up to the broken balcony on the left and look in the box passed the bookshelf. Inside you will find a M39 EMR. This weapon will come in handy later on. Pass the glass windows and through the hallway. Go down the hole and take some C4 or a grenade launcher from the nearby stash. Plant it on the wall to blow it up or use the grenade launcher

Call of Duty: Black Ops II FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

As you head for the balcony overlooking the lower area ASDs will roll out as well as another wave of soldiers. Head to the far right to find an access terminal that will allow you to gain control of an ASD to help out. Yet another wave will follow after the first with two ASDs in it. After rounding another corner you finally enter the control center. INTEL 32/33 : Up the middle staircase in

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Head up the stairs to the balcony again, and go all the way back to where the sniper was, but continue east to the ladder. There are 3 guards we need to take out. 1 roams north, 1 roams east, and 1 is in the shack below you. Descend the ladders and take the north guard down when he is far north away from the shack. East guard next when hes walking away. The shack guard is sleeping but will

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game FAQ

Head to the right and jump up to the railings on the chandelier, then shimmy around so you can jump to the next chandelier, then the next, then the balcony up top. Head through the only open door up here. Room: Anamaria needs some help. Dust the pirates, then bust down the dresser on the back wall to find a Ruby. Give it to Anamaria and she'll sign on. Now a bunch of bad guys will come through

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough for PC by

Once you come to the area with both a bicycle and a few worn tires jump on the railing of the following stairs leading down on the right of your position. Then jump to the balcony here to find one of the most hidden upgrades in the game. Weapon Modification: Damage Upgrade, Laser Sight, Silencer, Target Seeking Optional On the bottom floor of the Hung Hua Hotel you will find this vendor. He

The Dawn of a New Generation

An Uncharted, Unnamed Island in the Middle of the PacificShe had spent the last month of her pregnancy on a secluded island. It was uncharted and unna

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown FAQ/Walkthrough for PC

Throw a frag grenade over the railing, look down and kill any remaining enemy intel-briefcase 1 . Now move down the stairs and keep an eye open both for any survivors and for the two doors at the end of the library as both will be opened for a surprise attack first the right one, then the left one . Enter the hallway behind the waypoint and throw a grenade at the far-off right corner next

Prince William and Kate's royal family

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, arrive at a charity event for Absolute Return for Kids, ARK, in central London, June, 9, 2011. The charity gala was the first official engagement for

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