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We were sure we'd hate these gadgets, but were really

Virtual reality -- trust us. You will instantly look like an idiot the moment you put it on, but getting sucked into a virtual reality world is a trippy, compelling, bodysnatching experiences that

Wal-Mart Bids $1B For Chinese Chain

Calls to Shanghai Trust-Mart Co. rang unanswered Tuesday. Staff at Taiwan's Taichung-based Shing-Taik Group, a part owner of the retail chain, said they could not comment on the reports.

Best headphones for under $100 pictures

7. of 26. $92.09 at SF Motors is back as Seres, debuting the electric SF5 SUV in Shanghai. SF Motors is back as Seres, debuting the electric SF5 SUV in Shanghai . by Kyle Hyatt Apple, Qualcomm

Watch Million Dollar Listing New York Season 7 Episode 4

Reality meets realty in a close-up on the lives of three real-estate agents working in the aggressive realty industry of New York City. A spin-off from "Million Dollar Listing."

Why you need new tires for your car so soon

Trust me, the minute they see you walk in and see what kind of car you're driving, they know what tire you need. You are not the first person to arrive wishing you had better tires on that make

Crashing Waymo's Castle: An autonomous ride

Auto Tech Crashing Castle: An autonomous ride in Waymo's playground. What once was an Air Force base is now the testing site for one of the most advanced autonomous cars on the planet.

These far-out animals fascinate and amuse scientists

The animal kingdom lets loose with some its strangest creations, from a bizarre underwater orb to a very long-lived albatross.

CNET 100: The sleepers

Sleeper Hits CNET 100: The sleepers These products came in under the radar, but they are some of the best tech releases of the year. There's no doubt that the iPad is a great device--but some of

15 foods you should never put in the freezer

Whole eggs. Eggs expand when frozen, which can cause the shell to explode. If you want to freeze eggs, make sure to remove the shell and put the whites and yolks in a freezer storage bag.

2019 Chicago Auto Show recap: Big debuts from Mazda

Car Industry 2019 Chicago Auto Show recap: Big debuts from Mazda, Toyota, Subaru and more. Chicago might not be the biggest event on this year's auto show calendar, but several automakers are

Audi, Toyota, Waymo and others launch self-driving car

Car Industry Audi, Toyota, Waymo and others launch self-driving car education group. PAVE will endeavor to educate the public about autonomy's abilities and limits.

The '80s movies we think deserve a reboot

The Last Starfighter. Editor's note: Every week we ask a question to the folks around our offices to see what they're into. This week we wanted to know which '80s movies should get an update.

Our highlights of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Detroit is, of course, the historic home of the American car industry and this year it's big old American muscle that stole the show. MUSIC This is the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, the latest

The coolest PC case mods at Computex 2017

Ships ahoy. Suchao Prowphong's Aorus case is modeled after ship. The moving fuel rods and lights are cool, but I wouldn't trust those exposed internals in combat.

Badass animal GoPro photos

Halo, the flying dog. Danny Schneider said it took four months to build enough trust for his high-flying dog, Halo, to jump from a tree into his arms.

Wisconsin Supreme Court race too close to call after 1.2

The last statewide election was for the presidential race in 2016. That cost local election clerks $2 million, which is more than the $1.7 million Neubauer raised during the entire Supreme Court

China's cyberwar: Intrusions are the new normal FAQ

The Shanghai offices of People's Liberation Army Unit 61398, the apparent home of a Chinese hacking group that has bedeviled U.S. companies for seven years.

Best dating apps of 2019

Hinge. Hinge focuses on common connections that you and a potential partner share on Facebook. Which is great if you trust the judgment of your friends and family.

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