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The end of the coin-operated laundry?

A cartridge delivers thousands of small, reusable plastic chips or granules that would then absorb the dirt and water. Not only does the technology promise to clean your clothes, but also at the

Behind the scenes at Samsung's TV factory: Part I

The bezel starts life as plastic granules shipped in large hessian bags. If you've ever made plastic models, they feel like the little plastic offcuts that hold the model pieces onto the frame.

Paper filter vs. metal filter: Which makes the best cup of

Micro-fines are tiny granules of coffee that are small enough to slip through the holes of the filter, which give the cup a darker, more cloudy appearance. They also make the flavor of the cup

Big Pharma ushers in new year by raising prices of more

PhRMA, the pharmacy industry's trade group, said the analysis was "flawed and inaccurate," failing to account for the rebates and discounts provided to insurers.

Chocolate Extravaganza

With the sudden rise of mixology as art, the alcohol industry has finally caught up with the chocolate industry. Jacques brought some great hot chocolates and cocktails that are his favorites.

Today's equivalent of Julia Childs?

I was at the newly remodeled Smithsonian American History Museum where they have Julia Child's kitchen. I overheard a little girl ask who Julia Child's was and her mom replied, "S

On the subject of refrigerator ice makers

A filter replacement/addition can help only if the off flavor is in the water supply. Being a rental, heaven knows what could contribute to an off flavor if it was something that died, spoiled, or was something that contained a strong odor.

Bubble Wrap, at 50, a Pop Culture Mainstay

The temperature is sweat-inducing, caused by the machines that process millions of granules of resin one box is labeled "Munchy Resin" into clear plastic sheets at temperatures up to 560 degrees.

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