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acoustic material that looks like wood

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Acoustical Solutions

Our acoustic ceiling tiles both augment the quality of sound and the appearance of your facility. Depending on the nature of your project, choose between a variety of finishes and substrates for the right features. Below our acoustic ceiling tiles are in three major categories. Ceiling tiles may absorb sound, block sound or scatter sound.

WoodTrends Basic Ceiling Tile Acoustical Solutions

The reverse side of each panel receives a layer Soundtex acoustic textile. Soundtex provides a means of preventing visual bleed-through of the color from any acoustic material installed behind the panels. Integrating the WoodTrends Basic Ceiling Tile is as simply as installing any ceiling tile and adds beauty to any project.

Sound Baffles and Ceiling Clouds Acoustical Surfaces

Take a look at the WHISPERWAVE system of ceiling clouds. These custom sized curved panels are lightweight, easy to install, visually interesting, and greatly improve acoustic qualities. Clouds and sound baffles bring together sound reduction and aesthetic qualities for the best in function and form.

15 Best Soundproofing Materials and Products

Acoustic Coatings Materials like Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV is a dense rubber like material, used in many different situations such as car soundproofing, machinery, appliances, and as an underlayment. The mass of the material acts as a sound barrier.

$3,000 Guitar Made of 'Solid Linen' Looks and Plays Like

$3,000 Guitar Made of 'Solid Linen' Looks and Plays Like Wood Blackbird Guitar's El Capitan is make from Ekoa, a material that combined flax linen and bio-resin. The guitar is shaped in a unibody

Wood Look Ceilings

Wood Look Ceilings - 480 from Armstrong Ceilings. See photos, installation information, and product details. attractive surface due to their material type. You currently are on the Armstrong Ceilings Residential website in United States English .

6 Natural Materials Used in Modern Restaurant Design

Natural stone can be applied in any number of creative ways. Stone is commonly used as countertops or wall treatments, but restaurants have also used marble as a complement to other natural floor materials like wood or tile. Marble slabs for walls and bathroom counters can help tie the natural feel of the interior throughout the customer

Perforated Wood Acoustic Panels

Wood acoustic panels never look out of place. Like the idea of improved acoustics itself, attractive wood panels in an office or business bring an added sense of style and grace to the surroundings. Keep in mind these are not necessarily just pure, blank wooden acoustic panels, either.

10 Materials That Could Replace Wood One Day

Look closely at plywood. The fibers look a lot like st, so its no stretch to imagine particleboard from an assortment of st varieties, including wheat, oat and flax st. All these are available and useful alternatives to traditional pressed wood products. Use sustainable building materials in your home improvement project.

Material of a Guitar

Acoustic Guitars. Wood. Solid or Laminate? The most important material in the construction of a guitar is the wood. For lower priced guitars an important question is whether the top and the body of the guitar is made from solid wood or laminate.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels provide the perfect sound absorption materials for deadening and dampening sound in restaurants, offices and many more spaces. We have a number of sound insulating panel styles to choose from including standard fabric-wrapped panels, perforated wood and water resistant acoustic panels .

What is the Best Wood for Acoustic Guitars Expert Opinion

And i really like the sound of it.. Mostly im a strummer.. And still learning to finger picking.. I have a plan to build a custom 12 strings guitar.. May i ask for your opinion about which wood material it will be best to build a nice 12 strings that have a great sound like my ovation but can be warmth like gibson sound.. Thanks..

Acoustic panels Dezeen

Stockholm 2016: Form Us With Love has added acoustic panels that look like wood to its Baux architectural products line, continuing the trend for noise-reducing products at this year's Stockholm

Acoustic Insulation Sound Board

The Acousti-Board Ultra is a soundproof backer with a .50 NRC rating. Hang these insulation sound boards behind drywall or anywhere you need a noise solution.

WoodTrends Standard Acoustic System Acoustical Solutions

The perforated rigid materials provide excellent acoustic performance and a beautiful finish. You can modify the acoustic value by varying the acoustical material or air space behind the planks. Standard Wood planks come in a variety of configurations to meet all acoustical requirements.

Guitar Anatomy: Acoustic Guitar Tone Wood

The invention of laminated wood was warmly received by the guitar industry as laminate is a easy material to work with, you can make it look like whatever wood you want and its a cheap alternative to using solid woods. For this reason many of the more budget friendly acoustic guitars on the market today use laminated back and sides.


Designer WALL PANELS SOUND-ABSORBING from international manufacturers detailled info high-resolution images CADs catalogues find your..

8 Sound Proofing Secrets for a Quieter Home

Acoustic tiles and drop-ceiling systems offer excellent acoustical properties; people who think the conventional styles are a bit too institutional will like some of the newer styles available. For example, Armstrong offers 2-by-2-foot and 2-by-4-foot acoustic ceiling panels that have a step-edged detail or look like embossed or molded plaster.

acoustic material that looks like wood

Wood for sound - American Journal of Botany. Oct 1, 2006 Using material property charts on which acoustic properties such as the speed of .Wood is primarily composed of hollow, slender, spindle-like cells, that are.. A closer look not only at the holes in the top plates of string. Get-Prices

Ceiling Tiles, Drop Ceiling Tiles

Revolutionize any room and give it the classic look of a traditional ceiling with our stylish ceiling tiles, ceiling panels and drop ceiling tiles. If you are looking to control sound within a space, there is a first-class collection of acoustic panels which will reduce unwanted inflections and echo in your critical listening environment.

A Tonewood Primer: How to Pick the Right Materials for

The wood rings like nothing else when its hit with the right type of mallet, and whenever we use it on a custom guitar, the results are quite extraordinary. While rosewoods might sound amazing, a guitar made from this species, with its complex overtones and sustain, can present headaches for a recording engineer.

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