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how to install cool deck around pool

Taking a closer look at color-changing LEDs

If you want warm, yellowy light of around 2,700K, just slide over to the orange end of the spectrum. For hot, bluish-white light of around 6,000K, slide over to the blue end.

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Photos: World War II's ghost army Students around the world march against inaction on climate change. With coordinated "school strikes" in more than 100 countries, young people protest

Lava Pond

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geophysicists install additional GPS stations on June 9, 2018, enabling scientists to better monitor and measure the ongoing subsidence of Halema'uma'u crater and the

Games Software for Windows

Level up with the best games for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Find a puzzle game you can drop right into, escapist RPGs, or intense strategy games.

AI chips soon will power PCs, cars, security cameras and

It could eventually help digital assistants from Amazon and Google spread into new devices, let your car recognize pedestrians and everything else around it, and make your PC a lot cleverer for

8 remarkably retro "time capsule" homes

Did you install colorful carpeting in the 1960s, mix wallpaper patterns in the '70s and sponge-paint your walls in the '80s? Traditional real estate wisdom says you should gradually update your

Property Brothers' Las Vegas home: Waterslide, game room

Guys, this is a really cool house and I super duper appreciate you guys showing me around here. You're not done, by the way, you're staying. Once you enter this house you never leave. I'll get the

Can you build a backyard theater on the cheap?

It was really cool, combining an HD projector, inflatable screen, sound system, and other gear -- but for a jaw-dropping price of around $5,500. I think for that kind of money, I should be able to

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