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There is some sort of election coming up, and apparently some people are obsessed with talking about it--and in some cases, screaming about it.

NASA looks to post-2020 International Space Station

Barring a catastrophic malfunction or damaging impacts from space debris, NASA should be able to keep the International Space Station ISS in operation at least through 2020 and, with steady

Sugar on Top of Pie Crust?

if its a full top crust, I will usually brush with cream and add a sprinkle of sugar - solely for the crunch. Its not an appreciable amount of sugar maybe a tsp in comparison to the total amount in the pie.

Lattice 3D Screen Saver

Lattice 3D is an OpenGL screen saver that ds 3D latticework on your desktop when your computer is idle. It can d several types of lattice and allows you to change all its parameters like

Odds of winning $1 billion Mega Millions and Powerball: 1

Deal for gay dating app blocked by federal panel that assesses cross-border mergers for national security risks Mar 29. S and P 500 climbs to its biggest quarterly gain in a decade; Lyft jumps The

10 apps for editing photos before you post to Instagram

This app is more about dressing up your photos than editing them -- the main feature of Over is the ability to add artistic text or overlays to your images. If you've ever seen those inspirational

Vatican summit on clergy sex abuse: Pope opens historic

Video footage showed three men attaching a rope around the statue of the late Monsignor Henryk Jankowski in the northern city of Gdansk and pulling it to the ground in the dark. They then placed

11 settings to change on the Note 9 right away

Tinker with Edge Panel After setting up your Note 9, you'll notice a small white bar on the right side of the screen. Swipe left across the bar to bring out the Edge Panel, where you'll find app

Watch YouTube videos on Roku

Now, while the video is playing, you can swipe left again to view the Beam panel and you can pause or stop the video right from this panel. Now, if you wanna get fancy, you have a couple other

Create your own custom Windows Vista Control Panel

This blog post is also available in PDF format in a TechRepublic Download. Creating a folder You'll use a standard folder in order to create your custom Control Panel.

How to create custom Quick Actions in MacOS Mojave

After answering Add or Don't Add to that question, you'll see your action s on the right panel. You can choose your desired file type in the Change Type of Images box, and if you opted to make a

Does the post office actually lose money on Amazon?

The post office in 2013 started to make Amazon deliveries on Sunday, Deal for gay dating app blocked by federal panel that assesses cross-border mergers for national security risks 14H ago. S

2019 Hyundai Elantra review: Staying relevant in a

The Elantra Eco, meanwhile, uses a thrifty 1.4-liter turbo engine and has various other tweaks to help it post EPA figures of 32/40 mpg. For most buyers, the standard 2.0-liter is the one to go for.

The Next Big Thing panel at CES 2019: The future of media

CNET's Lindsey Turrentine and Brian Cooley host a panel of media execs on how innovations in mobile video, 5G, OTT and more are shaping the future of content consumption.

How Facebook censors your posts

The four-day convention for fans of the Star Wars saga, held in Chicago, included cosplayers, panels with the filmmakers, and the debut of the trailer for Episode IX of the series Apr 13 39 photos

SolutionBase: Manage Windows Server 2003 licensing

The first of these is the Licensing applet in the Control Panel, which allows you to manage licenses on the local server. You can use the Licensing applet to add or remove CALs for Windows Server

How do I Install, configure, and use Microsoft's iSCSI

This blog post is also available as a TechRepublic download in PDF form. Internet Small Computer System Interface iSCSI has taken the storage world by storm.

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