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Max Payne 3 Game

Max Payne 3 writer Dan Houser wrote a 3-part comic book series with the help of Remedy's own Sam Lake, and released via Marvel Custom Solutions. The series explores the major events in Max's troubled life from childhood, through the first two games, and up until the third game.

MLB advanced stats glossary: A guide to baseball stats

Unlike the deeply flawed fielding percentage, DER accounts for range and the team-wide ability to make the routine play. In 2018, the Oakland Athletics led MLB with a DER of .717, which means they

Manhunt 2 Spoiler-Free Walkthrough for PSP by Mr. V

Go to the fence behind the hoop and turn the corner - this will trigger two Red Kings entering the court from the steps behind the fence. Dash back to the shadows in front of the low stone wall at the entrance to the basketball court. The two goons will make their way around the court, one on each side. Facing the hoop, throw a can or something to the left. One of the Kings will walk over to

Digital Storm's tiny, affordable PC gaming powerhouse

Hi. I'm Rich Brown for CNET. Today, we're gonna talk about the Digital Storm Bolt. So, as you can see, this is a slim tower desktop and it's actually a really fast gaming PC.


Jayson Werth 28 of the Washington Nationals is doused with water by teammates, after he hit an RBI double to score two runs to tie the game in the ninth inning, against the Los Angeles Angels of

Speed skating

2014: The year in sports photos. 8 / 71. Back Next. Back. Next. Back. Next. Football . 2014 was a year filled with memorable moments in sports. Here are some of our favorite moments of the year

Kate Bishop Character

Kate Bishop was a regular civilian before a chance encounter made her an honorary member of the Young Avengers. Armed with nothing but Mockingbird's battle staves, Black Widow's utility belt, and

New Fortnite 3.6 Update Adds Clinger Grenade; Patch Notes

Fortnite has evolved once again this week with the release of its latest update, version 3.6. The official patch notes reveal a new item, the Clinger, and much more available now on PS4, Xbox One

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