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Which Slab Is Better

Which Slab Is Better Ribbed Slab Or Solid Slab One Way Or Two Way : First of all, It depends on the use of the structure. Slabs are structural members forming floors and roofs in buildings. They may be solid of uniform thickness or ribbed with ribs running in one direction or two directions waffles .

Ribbed slab

In reality, sandwich slabs are ribbed slabs with a slab placed both to their upper and lower surface. Sandwich slabs may have the disadvantage of a larger weight compared to the ribbed ones but on the other hand, they have the advantage that their spans and supports behave in the same proper way.

different between solid slab and hollow slab

different between solid slab and hollow slab. Hollow-core slab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This makes the slab much lighter than a massive solid concrete floor slab of equal , The slabs are typically 120 cm wide with standard thicknesses between 15 cm , of precast hollow-core slabs and walls can be made by different extruders.

Ribbed and waffle slabs

Ribbed slabs are made up of wide band beams running between columns with narrow ribs spanning the orthogonal direction. Normally the ribs and the beams are the same depth. A thin topping slab completes the system. Waffle slabs tend to be deeper than the equivalent ribbed slab.

Types of Solid RCC Slabs

Updated March 8th, 2019RCC slab can be various types depending on various criteria. Such as ribbed slab, flat slab, solid slab, continuous slab, simply supported slab etc. That is another topic. Today we are going to discuss the types of solid RCC slabs. Types of Solid RCC Slab RCC solid slabs are three types depending

Reinforced Concrete III: Design of Slabs Udemy

This course 'Design of Reinforced Concrete Slab' gives you detailed understanding, explanations and procedures for the design of RC Slabs. What to expect from this course: After completion of this course, you are expected to be able to design the two types of RC Beams: Joist Slab System, and Solid Slab System.

Concrete Blocks: Waffle Slab Construction

Concrete Blocks: Waffle Slab Construction. One-way spanning system is called ribbed slab while two-way ribbed system is known as waffle slab. In comparison with the normal reinforced solid flat plate, the reinforced waffle slab system proves to be much more efficient with carrying design loads, hence the various applications on office

Compare solid slab and flat slab

A solid slab is either solid concrete foundation or a flat solidwood door as opposed to a hollow core or a panel door. are at very close centres whereas a ribbed slab is a one way spanning

? Solid Slab and Flat Slab and Hollow blocks Slab

The solid slab is a cutomized, loosly reinforced, full concrete slab which is used in residensiel and indestrielconstruction Hollow blocks are used to fill portions of the slab thickness; this results in deeper arm for the reinforcement while saving the amount of concrete and hence the own weight of the slab.

Solid Slab

Peikko PSB - a Transverse Reinforcement System for Cast-in-situ and Precast Concrete Structures - Duration: 3:27. Peikko Group 74,568 views

Cost Comparison between Frames with Solid Slab and Ribbed

with Solid Slab and Ribbed Slab considering seismic weight. The study was done in Ethiopia for the Frames with Solid Slab and Ribbed slab in the same seismic zone Zone-4 and on the same Soil class or type soil type A . Because of this the size of Column, Footing and other load bearing elements are reduced,

6. Ribbed Slab and Waffle Slab

6.5 Design Procedure of Waffle Slab Two-way spanning ribbed slabs are termed waffle slabs. The general provisions for construction and design procedure are given in COP 2013. These conditions are set out in last section dealing with one-way ribbed slabs. Moments for design may be taken from Table 3 for slabs simply supported on four sides. Slabs may be made solid near supports to increase

What is the difference between a flat slab and a ribbed

What is the difference between a solid slab and a hollow core slab in precast technology? What is the difference between a deck slab and a solid slab? What is the difference between a solid slab and a ribbed slab strength-wise and economical? What is a flat slab? What is the difference between a flat slab and a grid slab?


The General objective of this study is to compare solid slab and ribbed slab for its reliability in construction. More specifically the project aims to compare the duration, cost, constructability and visual appeal in constructing ribbed slab and solid slabs and thereby finding the most effective one.

Difference Between Flat Slab and Conventional Slab-Beam System

The main difference between flat slab and conventional slab-beam system is that the one is directly supported on the column while another system has a beam for support. The load is transferred directly from slab to column in the flat slab. In conventional slab-beam system, the load is transferred from slab to beam and ultimately beam to the column.

Difference between One-way Slab and Two-way Slab

a One-way Solid Slab with beams b One-way Ribbed Slab with beams c One-way Ribbed Slab with integral beams. Other slabs like ribbed slab with joist beams made of the precast double-tee section and ribbed slab with hollow-block or hollow-cored slab can be designed by assuming the one way slab action. Read more about the one-way slab.

PDF Reinforced concrete ribbed slabs with wide-beam

Although a punching shear failure of a wide beam ribbed slab is very similar to that of a solid slab, the shear capacity is reduced relatively, because some of the potential shear failure surface

Ribbed or Waffle Slab System Advantages and Disadvantages

Ribbed Waffle Slab System. Ribbed floors consisting of equally spaced ribs are usually supported directly by columns.They are either one-way spanning systems known as ribbed slab or a two-way ribbed system known as a waffle slab. This form of construction is not very common because of the formwork costs and the low fire rating.

PDF Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using

Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using Lightweight Foam Concrete and Solid Slab Structure using Normal Concrete the scope of this study is to design one-way ribbed slab and two-way

Ribbed slabs

Ribbed slabs One-way joists Introducing voids to the soffit of a slab reduces dead weight and increases the efficiency of the concrete section. A slightly deeper section is required but these stiffer floors facilitate longer spans and provision of holes. Economic in the range 8 to 12 m. The saving of materials tends to be offset by some


In this section, two types will be discussed, one-way solid slabs and one-way ribbed slabs. 8.2.1 One-way Solid Slabs Minimum Thickness To control deflection, ACI Code specifies minimum thickness values for one-way solid slabs, shown in Table 8.1. These values are applicable for normal loading conditions

different between solid slab and ribbed hollow slab

different between solid slab and ribbed hollow slab. different between solid slab and ribbed hollow slab. different between solid slab and ribbed hollow slab. It is important to emphasize the differences in static calculations between different hollow slabs ..>> different between solid slab and ribbed hollow slab. Comments on: different

What is the function of rib slab?

As simple as i can answer, a rib slab or ribbed slab is similar to flat slabs. Their function is the same as any slab, to support loads coming from the roof and ultimately to the ground and to also act as a floor. This is what makes the floors and roofs of buildings.

Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using Lightweight

Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using Lightweight Foam Concrete and Solid Slab Structure using Normal Concrete 20 to ensure that the design is suitable and the calculation is also correct, a computer is used.

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