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You can't use custom decks online?

I was thinking that, but when I receive an invite from my sis I CAN use my deck with the banned cards. If it was the no banned cards period, the deck wouldn't show up on either side of the invitation list, right?

Noob in need of help building deck Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the

The first deck I built was Harpies. It's rather easy to build early since you can just beat Mai for most of the cards. I would say just play and if you see a deck you like then just make that.

Custom Decks Online

So after watching the recorded live stream from Konami. The developers said that you can use a custom deck against your friends in player match non ranked.

Charades Custom Card Creator

For Charades Custom Card Creator - Make Your Own Decks on the iOS iPhone/iPad , GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion.

Creating a Deck help

i'm not going to lie i'm a strht up noob when it comes to yugioh games i try to create decks but they just wont work out well for me i try to put even amount of magic, trap, and monster cards. i mean i got the basis of creating a deck but i cant seem to make the cards harmonize if that makes sense, i hope u guys can help me if u can.

How to make more deck i can only make one ?

what????? first off you must better phrase your question because it was extremely hard to understand Next, i think you are doing it wrong, you make decks in the deck making place which is right under J-World Galaxy on the main menu.

Can somebody give me a Seto Kaiba Type Deck Recipe

For Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Beginning of Destiny on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can somebody give me a Seto Kaiba Type Deck Recipe?".

Can you help me make an unbeatable deck? Yu-Gi-Oh The

I want a deck that has 40-50 cards in it, that has effect monsters and high level monsters and awesome magic and trap card combinations. i have all the cards in the game. anyone can submit an answer. i will look at all of them. i want the deck to be able to beat anyone anytime in the game. have fun

Help with a Dark Magician Deck?

Um, hi, and sorry to bother you guys. I was wondering if I could ask you guys on help updating my Dark Magician deck yes, I know Dark Magician isn't really optimal, but it's my favorite archetype .

How do I make more decks?

1 : Open the deck editor. This can be done from either the Main Menu First Menu upon starting the game or the PDA Menu Menu opened while walking around Main Menu Select Deck Menu Select Deck Edit PDA Menu Select Deck Menu Select Deck Edit 2.

Anyone have a good ninja deck?

I want to make a dragon ninja deck, and i don't know what type of ninja cards i want to start on my build. And i have never used a ninja deck before so it's my first time making one.

How to make more decks?

go to the deck menu, clear your present deck, edit it as you wish. Then press triangle, go to deck menu, and save it under a new slot. Under the deck menu, you can also change the name of the present deck.

So I wanna make a LV deck

Archwing3441 posted You need to accept the fact that relative to other decks, you're going to be pretty slow and inconsistent. With that said, the best LV deck I can make focuses on Ninjas Super transformation into Horus Dragon LV 6.

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