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Minnesota couple's close encounter with "huge" wolf goes

Tyler Netter and his wife were taking a leisurely drive Sunday morning through Rice, Minnesota when they both spotted a furry creature pacing back and forth along the side of a road.

Shock lingers after alleged Nazi unit leader found in Minn

MINNEAPOLIS The revelation that a former commander of a Nazi SS-led military unit has lived quietly in Minneapolis for the past six decades came as a shock to those who know 94-year-old Michael

Progress Amid Gunfire In Mideast

Two people approached the fence from the Gaza side near Nahal Oz on Wednesday morning, entering the 150-yard-wide restricted zone, before troops opened fire, the army said.

Keeping cats out of the garden

The stray cat population has exploded around here lately. Hmmmm inaccurate description, bad visual what I mean to say is that the number of felines roving our urban neighborhood has increased, and they enjoy using my freshly-dug garden as a commode.

Plan a month's menu on SNAP benefits.

It's almost doable, and I am sure you can get more value from whole and natural foods - shopping sales, buying bulk etc. but one thing a single working parent generally does not have the luxury of is a whole lot of free time - hence the convenience food trap.

At Texas border, tech can't keep pace with immigrant

In a dusty yard at the facility in Piedras Negras, hundreds wait for their chance to cross the bridge to Eagle Pass. It's a decidedly low-tech affair, with people standing around for hours waiting

cbishop's profile

By cbishop February 13 put them on spikes in the front yard, and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids all night, raking in the compliments on how "gross" and "lifelike" my Halloween

007: NightFire FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Mattie005

There's some equipment up for grabs if you climb the ladder on the far left, but the 'Only Way is Up' c Yazz and the Plastic Population , and to your right. So climb the stairs and enter the high-tech corridors. The first room on your right supplies you with supplies, check all the lockers too. Press on down the corridor, kill some people for a cheap laugh, then laser the padlock to get

Resident Evil Outbreak FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

With the population in the Raccoon City, it is almost impossible to stop them entirely. However, when there is a need to eliminate a zombie in a room for some reason your best bet will be to equip a weapon, and attack from far. The most ideal weapon in this case will be the Handgun weapon. Take aim from far, and fire your Handgun until they fall to the ground. At this case, you can proceed to

Serbia faces toxic waste health risk after decades of

PANCEVO, Serbia-- Dozens of rusty barrels and plastic tubs filled with a dark, oily liquid cluttered a muddy yard where chickens roamed. More brimming containers packed a wooden barn.

The Odd Truth, Aug. 10, 200

2 The Odd Truth is a collection of strange but factual news stories from around the world compiled by CBSNews.com's Brian Bernbaum. A new collection of stories is published each weekday.

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