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pontoon wood floor leaking

Aluminum hull corrosion pin hole repair Page: 1

Pontoon Boat Seats and Furniture. This last weekend i removed the ply wood floor and all the foam planks and found about 3" of dirt and muck.I cleaned up the muck and took a wire wheel to the inside of the hull.I found some pin holes in about three different spots.I like the idea of using the marine tex and Gluvit. I repaired a huge crack

Wood flooring in boat Page: 1

I am thinking about installing a wood floor in my boat on my old century ski boat. Water leaks and mold creeping out. Wood flooring in boat That oak will twist, crack and then rot. And it doesn't really matter how many coats of polyurethane you apply. The only way to make a floor like that is to glue and screw boards together in a gridwork.

Boat Deck Coating and Repair Rubberized Paint

Prevents lateral leaking problems associated with temporary paints and sealers. If you have a vessel that is constructed with wood, fiberglass, ferro-cement or steel you can easily and permanently transform and seal above or below the waterline using SANI-TRED boat floor paint products.

fixing a pontoon floor

how to repair wood floor on pontoon - Composite Floor For Sale. How to Repair Old Pontoon Boats eHow. l Check the flooring for rot, soft spots and holes by removing the carpet. Cut out any rot and sand to remove any loose wood ..>> Fixing a Pontoon Floor. Products Case. Draining and repairing pontoon boat questions - Shop Floor Talk.

Wood deck Vs. Aluminum deck

Pontoon Boat and Deck Boat Forum. Open and Honest Pontoon Boat Discussion. Skip to content. my boat's old and the wood floor rotted out. took decades, though. I have an old 87 wood deck pontoon and I replaced the carpet last year with a rubber backed outdoor carpet. The deck under showed no signs of any rot and the old carpet was hardly

how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor

Aluminum hull and pontoon repair instruction - The Boat Shop - Similar to Aluminum hull and pontoon repair instruction - The Boat Shop How to information page describing aluminum boat or pontoon leak repair preparation. plastic metal that handles like putty, hardens like steel and sands like wood.

The Pros and Cons of Popular Pontoon Boat Decking

The Pros and Cons of Popular Pontoon Boat Decking Materials and Coverings. June the deck of a pontoon is a bit different right off the bat because it doesnt just cover the hullit covers the pontoon it adds a self-sealing protection to prevent future movement and/or leaks. Lets remember that a pontoon boat is subjected to a lot

Floating Roof Pontoon Repair Liners

The pontoon liner is installed inside the pontoon and inflated to displace product and keep the roof afloat. Mesa ETPs floating roof pontoon repair liners are most commonly used in pontoons that have begun to leak. Leaking pontoons can fill with product from the tank causing the floating roof to sink.

how to fix floor leaking on pontoon boat? Yahoo Answers

Since a pontoon boat floats on it's pontoons, the floor or deck is supposed to leak to let the water out. If you have water on deck, it's from rain, or a large wave. What you can do is get a drill with a 3/4 inch drill bit and drill some holes in the deck, to let the water out.

how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor

how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor - WPC Deck Board how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor. Pontoon Boat and Deck Boat Forum View topic - What's best for Well if its a wood deck..and has holes, I hate to be the one

how to repair wood floor on pontoon

cover holes in floor of pontoon boat - Outdoor Eco Decking. Thus, it is good to repair pontoon leaks early on, before a small enough issue . how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor. Pontoon Boat and Deck Boat Forum View topic - What's best for Well if its a wood deck..and has holes, I hate to be the one.

What to do if Water is Seeping through the Floor

What to do if Water is Seeping through the Floor March 5, there will be no chance of repairing the outdoor floor. Leaking pipes often project a strange hollow, hissing sound. Listen carefully for this noise because if you detect it, it can lead you right to the source of the leak. Be sure to especially check the kitchen as there are

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Pontoon Depot is a group of boat owners who have enjoyed many years on the water in everything from small flat bottom boats all the way up to large houseboats. With over 100 years of combined boating experience we have "seen it all" when it comes to boating and we want to put that experience to use in helping you make the best decisions for

Water in my pontoon log

I have a technical question/issue with my 99 Premier Alante pontoon boat I hit a rock on the lake bottom last year and punctured a small hole in the bottom of the nosecone section of the pontoon and the pontoon log filled half up with water.

Pontoon decking leaking??? Page: 1

Re: Pontoon decking leaking??? Under skin the pontoon, that will solve that. Also if your Bentley is like mine on the cross members they have splash shields on the braces, one of mine is missing and that is where I get splash up through the carpet, bet yours is the same way.

Leaking Pontoon House Boats

Leaking pontoon not found by adding air pressure by: RandyP Adding air pressure did not reveal the leak. Can a crack open up only under power? Is there anything you can spray on the outside or inside that might seal cracks? This is a 32' pontoon so maneuvering around the toon while attached to the boat is a bit tough.

Plywood for boat flooring??? Michigan Sportsman

Plywood for boat flooring??? wood for a deck.I have used treated wood before on my decks on aluminum boats before and they're still floating and not leaking ,perhaps it causes corrision,if so please disregard my posts as I don't have a clue.Good Luck either way. I built an electric pontoon a few years ago and used marine plywood and

Fixing a Pontoon Floor

Leaking Pontoon House Boats - How to Find and Repair a Leak? Leaking pontoon house boats can be annoying, and wondering how to find and repair the leak? Replacing wood floor in Lund aluminum fishing boat - Boat I have serious rot in the plywood floor of my 17 ft. Lund alum. fishing boat. It will need to be totally replaced, and I plan

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