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Medical issue eyed in fatal NYC trick-or-treaters car crash

NEW YORK - As investigators look into whether a medical problem may have caused a motorist to plow into a group of trick-or-treaters, killing a 10-year-old girl and two others, mourners remembered

Rescue group in crisis mode after cat euthanized

On Facebook, where only the agency's executive director is allowed to post comments now, Guy Collison wrote that "Scruffy's story is heartbreaking, and underscores the worst-case-scenario of need

Suspect Nabbed In Nun Killing

"They throw up a fence and send 'pistoleiros' to stay there and keep people out. If there are people there they burn down their huts and force them off at gun point," explained Cavalcante.

Elena Kagan Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

The Senate confirmed Elena Kagan Thursday as the Supreme Court's 112th justice and fourth woman, selecting a scholar with a reputation for brilliance, a dry sense of humor and a liberal legal bent.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Walkthrough

Drop down and find the croc cap for your efforts. Just south of the croc cap and back in the water is a stun grenade and some M1911A1 ammunition. Before exiting the area, search the northeastern

Resident Evil 2 Plot Analysis for PlayStation by TWilde

Some time later, a man in jeans and a brown parka wakes up next to a burning helicopter. He doesn't remember anything about who he is, where he is, or what he's doing there. All he has is his Glock 17 pistol. The man, our hero, sets out to explore the city. On the next street over, he finds the body of the man in white, who looks like he's dead. Our hero kneels over him, and finds a set of

2019 Music Preview: 88 Key Albums

Plastic Anniversary March 15 Thrill Jockey Many albums from the experimental electronic duo of Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel have a central theme, or a common source of instrumentation be it a washing machine or samples of surgical procedures .

Is copper the best material for a roasting pan?

The remedy was either to sear, brown or give a High Heat Blast at the end to correct that and gave the roast a more appealing look. Searing or browning in the beginning has the added benefit of a better texture for the outer surface that, I at least, find more pleasant to chew. Without doing the step, the outer edge surface has the chew of dried jerky and is hard to chew.

Escaped inmate found hiding in backyard Jacuzzi in L.A

LOMITA, Calif. -- An inmate who jumped a fence and fled the Lomita Sheriff's Station Sunday afternoon was later found hiding in a backyard Jacuzzi, CBS Los Angeles reported. Arturo Valenzuela

High Pressure On Gaza

A small Israeli force entered northern Gaza at daybreak Monday, but the military said it was a routine mission. Large Israeli forces have been gathering across from northern Gaza, ready for an

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton

Please put the recipe title in ALL CAPS, so it is easy to find. Since we will have recipes from more than one book on this thread, don't forget to include the title of the book in your post. Since we will have recipes from more than one book on this thread, don't forget to include the title of the book in your post.

McCain Heads To Texas To Talk Energy

Six men with ties to Michael Brown protests have died since 2014 Trump slams Biden as "another low I.Q. individual" Alleged Jayme Closs kidnapper reveals what she did in captivity


Unique Gift Ideas

Mourners gathered in cities nationwide Wednesday night at candlelight vigils remembering Matthew Shepard, the gay University of Wyoming student who was pistol-whipped and chained to a fence in

Tornadoes Kill 5, Injure at Least 58 in Oklahoma

Several tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma and Kansas as Monday's storms moved through the area, dumping hail as big as softballs, splintering homes and downing hundreds of power lines.

Bolton Vote Set For Thursday

President Bush's embattled nominee for U.N. ambassador, John R. Bolton, has gained momentum despite weeks of intense investigation, with at least one wavering Republican now falling into line with

Olmert Hopes For Mideast Peace In 2008

In Israel, government spokesman Mark Regev said, "what we'd like to see is the Arab world be more involved and get off the fence. And the whole point of this international meeting is to have a

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