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difference between plastic and plastic composite floor

24 unusual things you can clean in the washing machine

Like indoor rugs, you can also wash car floor mats in the washer. Make sure to dust them off the best you can outside, pretreat any stains and then wash them in warm water on the gentle cycle.

Panasonic SC-PT750 review: Panasonic SC-PT750

Their black plastic cabinets are fitted with nonremovable black cloth grilles, and the speakers can be wall-mounted with their keyhole slots. Speaker size is one of the few differences between

Corelle dinnerware, as durable as everyone says

There is so much I could say and so little time in which to say it. But to the point, Corelle is tough, probably not as tough as the melamine you currently have, but certainly more resilient than stoneware, especially the made in China stuff, that seems to chip very easily.

Machines eyeball trash for single-stream recycling

The worst offender here, though, is plastic shopping bags, which get caught in the moving parts and regularly bring the operation to a halt. Plastic bags, if you use them, can often be recycled

Long composite trip report

Long composite trip report z We had three quick trips back to Las Vegas over the course of the past two months which gave us an opportunity to try some new restaurants as well as visit some old favorites.

3D printing: The trends that will change the game in 2016

MarkForged, in Boston, enables printing of a plastic-like nylon and fiberglass, carbon fiber. Voxel8 enables extrusion of a plastic like an ABS and conductive metal material as well. Those are the

Broke Oster blender jar .again

Today I dropped my Oster Professional Series PHT2 beehive blender jar on a brand new thank heavens tempered glass floor inset and lost the jar.

Jennifer Grey

Plastic surgery doesn't always turn out the way people want it to - and that's true for celebrities as well as the rest of us. Just take a look at these 14 A-listers - and what plastic surgeon Dr

Wheat Flour vs Wheat Starch ?

Does anyone know the the difference between flour and starch? I thought that starch was a by product after glutens are removed from flour, but many of the recipes seem to use the ingredients flour/starch interchangeably which doesn't make sense.

PS3 Slim: Everything you need to know

The PS3 Slim is now a reality. The compact console will be available on September 1 for $299. Our review sample just arrived, and our hands-on evaluation will follow soon.

How to buy a dishwasher in 2018

Between sound rating, cycles, options, capacity and speed, here's what you need to know to make an informed choice when picking a dishwasher.

Is there any significant difference between PC brands

The cases are plastic and flimsy plus some of the cheaper Toshibas don't even have an internal CMOS battery to retain settings. It depends on the main system battery for that task. I have taken

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