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how to build a kenaf deck stain

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's testimony: The sights and

On the third floor of the US Capitol building, in room S316, stands an artifact that's disappeared from most people's lives: a phone booth. The phones -- there's a bank of five, in fact -- aren't

Roy Clark

Cronauer loved the movie but admitted much of it was Hollywood make-believe, explaining, "Yes, I did try to make it sound more like a stateside station. Yes, I did have problems with news

This Old House: Trade School TV Guide

Two residential construction projects are followed to give viewers a master class in building methods and disciplines through step-by-step instructions demonstrated by the industry's leaders.

Watch The This Old House Hour Episodes on Season 2 2004

PBS's home-improvement series and 'Ask This Old House,' an offshoot in which 'House' regulars field viewer questions and make weekly 'house calls' to make actual home improvements .

How do I clean rust on baking pans?

The pans build up a layer of oil, so dont panic if there is some residue. Follow the steps above once or twice a year to avoid rust. Skip the dishwasher if you want to avoid rust and just clean the pans lightly after use.

Apple's iPhone turns 10. Where does it go from here?

In a home, that could make a huge difference. A wild card could be Wi-Gig, an extremely high-bandwidth, short-range variation of Wi-Fi that could be a path to how future iPhones could mirror

Watch This Old House Episodes on PBS Season 40 2019

Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then they install them. Season 40, Episode 4. October 25, 2018. A Charleston Family House Is Reborn. Season 40, Episode 4

Creating A Backyard Paradise

Next choose a stain that suits your taste and is appropriate for your deck. There are three different kinds: clear, semi-transparent and solid. If the appearance of the wood is still attractive

new to stainless steel pans, how do I get food not to

What kpaxonite said. Don't flip or move the food until the bottom is seared and well browned on the bottom. Also, you want some browned bits to stick to the pan if you're making a gravy or pan sauce or braising liquid - it's called "fond," French for essence or base.

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