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Best way to clean cast iron cooktop grates?

Read the Best way to clean cast iron cooktop grates? discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Cleaning food community. Join the discussion today.

How to clean Corning Ware?

Unfortunately, since they're so old, I'm having a hard time cleaning the baked on food or stains that their previous owners have left and were also unable to clean. I've tried scrubbing with baking soda, and using a ceramic top cleaner.

How to Clean and Cook Fresh Clams

The white clam pie invented by Frank Pepe in the 1960s featured garlic, olive oil, oregano, and mozzarella, but this version is a bit richer, with heavy cream and two types of cheese, plus sauteed onion and white wine. And then theres spicy chile oil on the side Get the

Easy, Healthy Food-Processor-Friendly Dips, Spreads, and

Dips are my favorite food. They are the reason I attend sports-watching get-togethers. I love their variety, from hot and cheesy to cool and minty, and there are few foods I have not used as a vehicle for said dips. Often just my fingers. Each one here is easy to make with a food processor.

How to clean your Keurig with distilled vinegar

Small Appliances How to clean your Keurig with distilled vinegar. Just like any appliance that sees a lot of use, your coffee maker also needs a deep cleaning every once in a while.

What Is the Difference Between Balsamic and White Vinegar?

A great vinegar to use from pickling to cleaning, white vinegar can do quite a lot. Be careful though: Many people will confuse white vinegar with white wine vinegar, which arent the same. White wine vinegar is made fromwait for it white wine. Easy However, white vinegar is made with acetic acid, which is derived from grain or grain alcohol. Simply diluting the acetic acid with

Pan cleaning myths and what actually works

Once your cast iron rusts, it's not easy to re-season. One tool that works really well is chainmail scrubbers like The Ringer or a homemade version, if you have some crafty friends.

17 ways to use distilled vinegar beyond cooking

Clean windows and mirrors. Vinegar makes a fantastic window cleaner. Simply pour vinegar and water into a spray bottle, then forget about ever buying Windex again.

How to clean your Instant Pot and make it smell new again

To remove these stains, simply soak the pot in white vinegar for about 5 minutes and rinse away. If there's more, soak a sponge in vinegar and use a little elbow grease.

Should You Rinse Rice Before Cooking?

To rinse or not to rinse: There are so many opinions and types of rice, the answer is daunting. Here, we break it down for you. Because like the answers to lifes most lofty questions, there is no easy single answer.

What Is the Difference Between Evaporated Milk and

Sweetened condensed milk is thick, rich, and off-white almost beige in color while evaporated milk is similar in texture to skim milk, and white like fresh milk. How Its Used Sweetened condensed milk is used in desserts all around the world.

30 spring cleaning tricks you'll wish you'd known all

Spring cleaning the easy way. Spring means a fresh start, and you probably want to spruce up your home around this time of year. If you're like me, though, you may not have much time for spring

Cinder Precision Grill is a great countertop grill -- if

The Good The $500 Cinder Precision Grill consistently cooks excellent food. The removable plates are easy to clean. The Bad The grill is expensive and takes up a lot of space.

How to hide cables, clean your screen and organize your TV

If you own a TV, and a sound system to go with it, you may have noticed cable creep, smudgy screen, dust bunnies and other horrors. Taking care of them is easy, and doesn't need to cost very much

Juicer Reviews

Special Features: 2 step safety start, conical screw system, easy clean system, easy open handle, motor protection system, removable pulp container, transparent pulp container Breville Juice

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