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Final Fantasy VIII FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Dragon Fogel

That yellow magazine laying on floor in the back room is an old issue of "Timber Maniacs" the magazine ; get it. In this same room, you can talk to the man in the far back for some rather amusing scenes. No matter which option you pick, the guy starts rambling on about nothing, and Squall gets angry. ^ ^ Before leaving, go in the small 'closet' left of the front desk. You can't see it even

Adventures to Go Walkthrough for PSP by EventHorizon PC

Magic. You can only buy up to 99 of each type of shard. You can break crystals to go higher, but it wraps around at 255. Earlier in the game it stopped at 126 and breaking crystals simply resulted in lost shards.

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough for PlayStation by

You can view all the issues of Timber Maniacs you've collected by accessing the homepage of the 'School Festival Committee' via Squall's study panel on the 2nd floor classroom of Balamb Garden. However, this option won't appear until the later parts of Disc Two. If you can't seem to find the magazine at the Hotel, then try looking for it at the train station, right behind the red and white

Final Fantasy VIII No-Junction/No Level Challenge FAQ for

The rest will be about what you need to do to make sure you won't be boned over in Ulty's Castle and what to do with left over EXP. I may also include random things that I wanted to include here.*** HOW TO PREPARE FOR ULTIMECIA'S CASTLE: Needs: - Gilgamesh. - Invincible Moon. Wishing Star. Cheap Things to Have: - ePSXe. - Knowledge of how to exploit save states. ORDER OF ULTIMECIA FIGHTS The

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks FAQ/Walkthrough for DS

Castle Town ----- Castle Town is a pretty interesting place. There's lots of places to check out, but you can't do much in any of them at the moment. The shop near the center holds some interesting items, including a shield, but we don't need it right now, plus we don't have the money. Just head north up towards the castle, and you'll meet with the game's Postman. Instead of like in Phantom

PM Magazine

PM Magazine season 3 episode guide on TV.com. Watch all 260 PM Magazine episodes from season 3,view pictures, get episode information and more.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U All Star Mode Guide for Wii U

For Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U, All Star Mode Guide by White Pointer.

Looney Tunes

"An Ounce of Prevention" is a public service safety film, made for the Shriners Burns Institute in Cincinnatti, Executive Produced by Noel Blanc and Blanc Communications in 1982.

Tales of Eternia FAQ/Walkthrough for PSP by vinheim

Rest up and read the text books on the second floor if you want to. Now leave and at the fork, go into the building right in front of you. This is the Student Store. Buy a Ribbon for each Meredy and Farah. Now leave, go NW and enter the next building, the Cafeteria. Check out the pink flower at the NE corner of the Cafeteria to find Wonder Chef, who teaches you Hamburger. Buy any ingredients

Final Fantasy VIII Monster List for PC by SOng

Timber- Shenard Hills NOTE : Pretty a formidible foe.. It's Stare can causes a series of status attacks such as Darkness, Confuse, Silence. It's Sigh can cause damage to all foe. It is weak against Holy. Junction 100x Holy to Elem-Atk-J. Sigh causes status ailments. Stare causes Petrify. Curse can only be done with Lefty and Righty and it causes Doom. Info : A monster shaped like a face. It

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings FAQ/Strategy Guide for

I smell inconsistency Castle Age "Castles began appearing across the landscape of Europe in the ninth century as local lords sought to solidify their power. Castles protected them from neighbors and provided a safe haven from which mounted warriors could ride out and control the nearby country. Typical of the Castle Age was the conquest of Wales by Edward I of England. By placing a series of

Castles In Air And On Ground

"A castle," is how Penny Dyer's quadruplets call what will soon become their new home. On Thursday morning, Penny and Dwain Dyer, with their quadruplets trailing behind, gave correspondent Tracy

Painkiller FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Orgulo

Electroburst 10 ammo : Like the painkiller, the electrodriver is set apart from the other weapons by virtue of its special attack feature: you can dump an electrically charged shuriken into a group of tightly packed enemies make sure it hits one of them - if it hits a wall or the floor it will stick there for a while, acting like a landmine , and watch the pathetic minions spark and die on

Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough and Guide

After you beat a dungeon, you can revisit it and fight a sideboss on the top floor. The one currently in Yukiko's Castle is really tough. I was able to beat it at Lv 27, but if you can't feel free to save it for next time.

Non-Chain Recommendations in Champn-Urbana, IL

Read the Non-Chain Recommendations in Champn-Urbana, IL discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Great Lakes food community. Join the discussion today.

Dragon's Dogma FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

You can nab a chest just west of the bridge, on the ground floor, if you wish, but again, it's hard to care right now, since we don't get to keep anything we find here. Grand Hall o=====o 8 Go through the gate the soldiers came from, heading through some tunnels south, then east. Eventually you'll come to a room where you'll find another who-cares chest. Loot it and continue north to reach

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