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At Stanford, Romney got his bearings in a year of change

In late January, the resumption of U.S. airstrikes in North Vietnam brought with it a surge of student anti-war activity at Stanford, where a small core of radical students was starting to catch

CaV: Composite Shinigami Brown Zeus vs Composite Shinobi

The 3 stepped out to the deck, seemingly ready for a small bl when suddenly all 3 heard in their minds Kill eachother, the two losers die, the winner can go back home.

J.R. Jones

Parts of this are screamingly funny, other parts downright stomach turning, but you have to admire the fact that, for these guys, "anything for a laugh" really means anything. And for all the moronic behavior, there are also some inspired dadaist moments

Mass Effect 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

Here you can talk to the Mess Sergeant, head into the Main Battery which is used in combat, the AI Core, Life Support, the Medical Centre, in which one familar doctor from Mass Effect will be present, Miranda's Office and the Observation Deck. And finally, Deck 4 will be Engineering, where you can talk to the Engineers. Now, there are three people you want to talk to, the first are the

How to build a simple, smarter lawn sprinkler system for

A hollow arrow on the top edge of the sprinkler indicates its direction while a solid arrow tells you how much the sprinkler head will turn between 90 and 360 degrees . For my purposes I selected

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Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus Respect Thread Part 2 By ShootingNova April 20, 2017 18 Comments. This is the second half of my respect thread for Count Dooku, featuring his Force powers.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough

The Star Wars saga has seen incarnations in a remarkably broad number of gaming genres: even if we restrict ourselves to discussing console titles, there have been side-scrollers, arcade rail

We All Scream

The Play and Freeze looks like a futuristic soccer ball, but its actually a hard, hollow plastic sphere designed for making ice cream. Its often sold at camping stores, the idea being, I suppose, that it doesnt require any electricity and is sort of compact, so you could ostensibly use it off the grid.

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Raskta Lsu Respect Thread By Emperordmb February 14, 2016 10 Comments Martial Skill Lightsaber Skill. Raskta Lsu was the most skilled martial artist in the Jedi Order of her time.

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Blow upon blow, Luke forced Vader to retreat - back, onto the bridge that crossed the vast, seemingly bottomless shaft to the power core. Each stroke of Luke's saber pummeled Vader, like

Ep. 205: CES 2012 Preview

Exterior looking and it's coming out of plastic -- but it but it looks sturdy feel sturdy. And it runs that you know. Windows mango pretty well so. -- which about the review. In the you know it's

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The largest comic database online, Comic Vine features Comic Reviews, News, Videos, and Forums for the latest in and more

The 100 "Nevermore" Review: My Soul Within Me Burning

The 100 S03E11: "Nevermore" One of the more admirable things about The 100 as a storytelling machine and something that was especially true last season, is that there are always consequences for

Watch Ask This Old House Episodes on PBS Season 4 2006

A leaky kitchen faucet is repaired; and a hollow-core door is replaced with a solid-core door. Also: a look at how doors are constructed. Also: a look at how doors are constructed. Season 4

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