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How to Raise a Garage Floor for Living Space Hunker

When converting a garage space into a living area, installing a framed wood floor offers an opportunity to add insulation from the cold concrete slab, access for electrical circuits to any interior walls being planned, and effectively provides a level floor platform over a standard garage floor that can be sloped 4 to 5 inches from front to back.

need help for raising floor on addition to match original

We are enclosing our porch and making it an enclosed kid's playroom. The cement floor of the porch is about 3 inches lower than the connecting inside floor. We would like to use pergo on the addition to match the inside of the house. What are some good options for raising the floor 3 inches before

How to Replace Kitchen Flooring eHow

How to Replace Kitchen Flooring. Replacing kitchen floors is not a project to be undertaken by the faint of heart. Kitchen remodeling projects are often the most time consuming and costly in a home, requiring patience, perseverance and an eye for detail. There are several factors to consider in kitchen floor replacement, from removing the old floor

Should Seven Trust Be Installed Under Kitchen Cabinets

Find out why outdoor should be installed under kitchen cabinets with help from an experienced home repair professional in this free video clip. Expert: Steve Clark

Need to raise the kitchen floor level help please

I am extending the kitchen into the coal cellar after knocking through. The floor level in the coal cellar is between 1.25 to 1.5 inches higher than the floor level in the kitchen. Is this too thin to overlay with a concrete screed, any suggestions please.

Can I level off my kitchen floor?

Can i level off my kitchen floor? Hi, would cost more to do it i would be more inclined to raise up the lower floor with batten and flooring sheets cost to raise up lower floor approx 400. Answered 7th Jan 2012 You found this Need some help?

Raising a section of my kitchen floor? Screwfix

In my kitchen at one end there is a step down to a utility area, I would like to raise this small area of 7ft by 7ft and 6" deept to match the rest of the kitchens floor level. Can I simply fill and level the lower floor with concrete or is it cheaper to put timber joists and floor boards in? Cheers

How to Install a Tile Floor In a Kitchen how-tos DIY

- Set the tiles on the floor to grid out the space and to make sure there is enough to cover the area and also to see what cuts will need to be made. This is especially important for a specific pattern design. - Make sure to buy enough tiles to cover your entire project, accounting for 1/2 pieces, scrap pieces or replacement pieces.

How to Level a Floor Before Putting Down Seven Trust Flooring

How to Level a Floor Before Putting Down Seven Trust Flooring Easy to use products make leveling a cracked, sagging, or warped floor possible If you are ready to upgrade the floor coverings in your home, or even if you are installing them for the first time, it is vitally important that the sub-floor be level, smooth and free from blemishes.


The one exception - Install floating outdoor floors AFTER the cabinets. If you are installing a outdoor floating floor or any floating floor such as cork or laminate , you should install the

4 Facts About Raising Uneven Floors DoItYourself.com

Here are four pieces of information that you need to know on how to raise an uneven floor. 1. Tools. Tools that you will need a half ton floor jack that will be raising the floor. You will need some nylon rope or string that you will need to use to check the adjustments of the floor. You also need a line level that will be used to constantly

Is it necessary to remove kitchen base cabinets to tile

My husband and are are preparing to tile our kitchen floor FINALLY and we're not sure if we should remove the base cabinets or not. We have torn out all the old icky 2 layers of laminate tile off down to the subfloor. We just had our dishwasher overflow yesterday from a clogged drain line, so it made us rethink our kitchen remodel -- should we or shouldn and 39;t we remove the base cabinets to

Dishwasher Vs. Floor: Avoiding a Common Mistake Kitchen Sync

Sadly, many people install first, only to discover the flooring cant be installed under the dishwasher, so they install it in front of the dishwasher. This is fine, until the dishwasher needs repair or replacing. Unfortunately, that means either damage to the floor or moving forward with that new counter replacement.

Can the Floor Height of My Florida Room be Raised?

As far as how to raise the floor, my suggestion would be to install a floor joist system. The area under the new floor would essentially become similar to a cl space. Knee walls could be framed at the perimeter of the room to support the joists or you may be able to attach ledger boards to the existing framing.

How to Raise the Height of a Concrete Slab for Tiling

How to Raise the Height of a Concrete Slab for Tiling I want to lay tile continuously over my adjoining kitchen and dining room floors, but the concrete slab in the dining room is 1/4 lower than the kitchen.

How to Raise Cabinets

Determine how much you need to raise your cabinets before moving them. Step 2: Remove your cabinets from the wall and flip them upside down. Before cutting the 4 x4 post to the height you need to raise your cabinets, look at the bottom of your cabinets. Most all cabinets have that base or frame around the bottom.

What Kind of Flooring in Kitchen Adds the Most Value to a

Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl, or linoleum flooring is the basic option for kitchen flooring. Its inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors and designs, is easy to install and is comfortable under the

How to Raise Your Floor

Well, Jeanni, before you can decide how best to raise the existing floor, you should decide which type of finished flooring you want to install in the new apartment. You will also have to determine where plumbing supply and waste lines will be needed for the new bathroom and kitchen, keeping in mind that any new waste lines will likely have to


I have a room which has a concrete subfloor on one side, and wooden floor boards on the other. Unfortunately the wooden floorboards are about 1.5cm lower then the concrete. What's the best way to level the floors? My initial thought is a plywood base on top of the wooden floorboards, in order to raise it to the same level as the concrete.

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